"Carnival After Midnight, Calliope Cacophony"  
Here is some original music you can buy right from us! 

Have you been looking for the perfect accent to your haunted house clown room or theme? Or perhaps you just want some crazy circus sideshow music that's a little left of center for a haunted attraction or whatever?  We looked all over, but couldn't seem to find quite the right mix of carnival and twisted dementia, so we made our own! Here it is!  You get over an hour of unique circus sideshow audio! The name says it all, and it's just a click away!  This background audio will definitely set the mood but won't distract attention from the focus of your show!  Your guests will definitely feel as though they are in a demented circus!
Buyer pays Shipping and if your in the state of MA, 6% tax applies.

Click here for an audio sample of track #1 Right This Way!


Ever wonder what happens when the carnival closes down?  Some may think when the fairgrounds are empty there is no one around.  But what if that were not so?  What if the carousel started up again for the people of the dark to enjoy, say after midnight?  Do the denizens not comfortable showing themselves to the public come out to entertain each other?
Would the twisted no-holds-barred spectacle of sideshow unleashed be too much for the paying public?  We think that may be just what goes on when the welcome sign lights go out!

*Track Listing*

1. Right This Way 3:24
2. Prisonerís Song 2:06
3. Hyms A Clown 2:05
4. Bagboy Cowtime Joe 1:38
5. Dixie Yankie Drool 2:48
6. Golden Kickers 1:38
7. Voila 2:07
8. Goodbye Linda 3:05
9. One Good Eye March 1:16
10. Mary Go Back 1:18
11. Stinky Dinky 1:46
12. Frowns 2:04
13. Fly It Again Boys 2:36
14. My Boo Hoo Heaven 1:56
15. Calamity Pain 3:20
16. Melon Head 2:06
17. Oh Dem Bloody Slippers 1:51
18. Beagle March 1:52
19. Hinky Dinky All Kill You 3:00
20. Louis Whispers 2:07
21. In The Rotton Candy 3:06
22. Younger All The Time 1:03
23. Twelve String Rag 1:13
24. Hello Lindy 1:37
25. Good Olí Slumber 2:07
26. Not 2 B Repeated 1:38
27. Carousel Hell 1:16
28. Spirits In Uncle Louis 5:17
29. Carnage Klowns 2:35
30. Ja Da Die Die 1:59
31. Mess emí Up 4 Life 1:55
32. Pip Punch the Clown 1:59
33. Unlucky Ride 1:21
34. Theme DeGastro 1:18



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