"Carnival after Midnight, Calliope Cacophony"   

Have you been looking for the perfect accent to your haunted house clown room or theme? Or perhaps you just want some crazy circus sideshow music that's a little left of center for a haunted attraction or whatever?  We looked all over, but couldn't seem to find quite the right mix of carnival and twisted dementia, so we made our own! Here it is!  You get over an hour of unique circus sideshow audio! The name says it all, and it's just a click away!  This background audio will definitely set the mood but won't distract attention from the focus of your show! 
The name says it all, and it's just
$10.00 plus Shipping and if your in the state of MA tax applies.

*Track Listing*

1. Right This Way 3:24
2. Prisonerís Song 2:06
3. Hyms A Clown 2:05
4. Bagboy Cowtime Joe 1:38
5. Dixie Yankie Drool 2:48
6. Golden Kickers 1:38
7. Voila 2:07
8. Goodbye Linda 3:05
9. One Good Eye March 1:16
10. Mary Go Back 1:18
11. Stinky Dinky 1:46
12. Frowns 2:04
13. Fly It Again Boys 2:36
14. My Boo Hoo Heaven 1:56
15. Calamity Pain 3:20
16. Melon Head 2:06
17. Oh Dem Bloody Slippers 1:51
18. Beagle March 1:52
19. Hinky Dinky All Kill You 3:00
20. Louis Whispers 2:07
21. In The Rotton Candy 3:06
22. Younger All The Time 1:03
23. Twelve String Rag 1:13
24. Hello Lindy 1:37
25. Good Olí Slumber 2:07
26. Not 2 B Repeated 1:38
27. Carousel Hell 1:16
28. Spirits In Uncle Louis 5:17
29. Carnage Klowns 2:35
30. Ja Da Die Die 1:59
31. Mess emí Up 4 Life 1:55
32. Pip Punch the Clown 1:59
33. Unlucky Ride 1:21
34. Theme DeGastro 3:18

Click the album cover for an audio sample!


Sound Effects - Death & Horror BBC Records & Tapes Vol. 13 on CD
 Great sound effects for haunted attractions or short films.  These are not the same samples you hear on every other sound effects CD either.  Categories include: Execution and Torture, Monsters and Animals, Creaking Doors and Grave Digging, Musical Effects and Footsteps, Vocal Effects and Heartbeats, Weather, Atmospheres, and Bells. 
Bonus Tracks: Effects with Introductions.  197


     Sound Effects - Death & Horror BBC Records & Tapes Vol. 21 on CD
 Great sound effects for haunted attractions or short films.  These are not the same samples you hear on every other sound effects CD either.  Categories on this one are organized into little montages including: Sweeny Todd the Barber, The Rack, Sewer Rats, Midnight Strangler, Wind Through Crack in Door, and more! Bonus Tracks: Effects with Introductions.  1978


       Monster Mash, Sounds of Terror on CD
Great one containing a version of the famous song, but the rest of the CD is all scenarios with descriptions and sound effects.  Some snippits are: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Werewolf Attacks, King Kong, The Exorcism, Incredible Giant Crab, and more. Chilling effect.  Bonus Track: Entering a Mausoleum
Pickwick 1974


Sounds to Make You Shiver on CD
Another selection of scenarios told through montages of sound effects.  A night in a Haunted House, and other sound effects.  Bonus Track: Haunted Graveyard

Pickwick 1974


Famous Ghost Stories on CD
Ghost Stories told through sound and effects!  Includes: The Railroad Signal Man, Haunted Goldmine, the Ghost Ship, The Bloody Tower. Bonus Track: The Witches' Cauldron

Mr. Pickwick 1974


     Scary Spooky Stories on CD
Hands down one of my favorites as a kid.  6 stories told by Ralph Bell, Daniel Ocko, and Robert Dryden: The Dare, Dark Dark Dark, Big Fraid Little Fraid, Wait 'til Martin Comes, The Skinny Toe, and The Thing at the Foot of the Bed 
Bonus Track: The Babysitter
Troll 1973

     Great Ghost Stories on CD
Hands down one of my favorites as a kid.  4 stories told by Ralph Bell, Daniel Ocko, and Robert Dryden: The Mysterious Shipwreck, The Golden Arm, The Guitar Player, and Here We Go! 
Bonus Track: The River Gates
Troll 1973



    Weird Tales of the Unknown on CD
4 stories told by Ralph Bell, Daniel Ocko, and Robert Dryden: The Black Cat, A Diagnosis of Death, John Bertine's Watch, and The Cat That Didn't Purr.
Bonus Track: is a surprise! 
Troll 1973

       A Story of Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein on CD, Complete With Story Booklet!!
This was originally a follow-along booklet and record combo.  This version has a CD-Sized book with the complete story.  The beeps telling when to turn the page have been removed from the audio.
 Bonus Track: The Story of Frankenstein
Power 1976


    Freddy's Greatest Hits on CD
This is not a soundtrack album for the films.  Robert Englund does lend his voice to the tracks, but it's an 80's band playing songs with him chiming in like "Do the Freddy", and "In the Boiler Room".  It's so bad you have to have it!
 Bonus Track: Nightmare on My Street

    Sounds That Go Bump In The Night on CD
Another soundscape scenario through sound effects album.  This one done in the 80's with some original themes like "Aliens Strike Back", and "Gurtrude The Killer Garbage Truck", "Werewolves-Yuppies From Hell", and "Direct From The Vampire Room".



       Frankenstein, Soundstage Performance on CD
The classic story dramatized by some great voice talent.  Engaging version close to the actual Shelly story.

Bonus Track:  Frankenstein radio drama

     Music For Robots on CD
Forrest Ackerman and Frank Coe's original version of what the future may have held for man and machines alike.  A true fan of Sci-Fi has to get this one.  There is another version about the web, but it has 1980's style synthesizer riffs all through it, which I believe ruins the piece.  Music and a slight History of Science Fiction in films.  Bonus Tracks:  Two Interviews with Forey.  1964



    Suspense, The Doctor Prescribed Death on CD
The infamous Man in Black brings you this radio tale about a doctor that thinks a suicidal person can be turned murderer.  Bela Lugosi is the good doctor, tune in to see the diagnosis.



    Elvira's Vinyl Macabre on CD
The Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira in her first real compilation effort.  She does intros and some of the songs like "Vegas Vampire", and the Shaggs "Its Halloween" (which is so bad you have to love it), are not on a lot of other Halloween themed music compilations.
1983 Rino


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    Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House,  Disney
The second one that started it all!  Sound effects with introductions by the famous imagineers!  This includes The Gravedigger, Frankenstein's Lab, and other scenarios along with effects.




    One Step Beyond Soundtrack on CD
Soundtrack to the 60's TV show about strange occurrences that were supposedly true.  If Orchestrated soundtracks is your thing, this may be a good selection for you.  Conducted by Harry Lubin.  Featured is the haunting main Theme of the show.



        The First Christmas Record for Children, Special Edition on CD
Including "The Little Tree" by Red Skelton which you can only find here!
Also all tracks from the original 1950's release and the more recent one along with a few added selections and a personal holiday message from me, Ed Gannon


       A Christmas Record, Special Edition on CD
Great compilation of 80's artists doing original Christmas songs in the various "New Wave" styles of the 80's.
Contains all songs from both releases including the Cocteau Twins and the first release of "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses!




Vinyl Album, 8Track, or tape conversion to CD service complete with cover art.  Halloween Theme Music & Haunted Attraction Soundtrack discovery service.  We can help you acquire that hard to find music you have been searching for!
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