"The Painless Operations Manual for Haunters"    Happy Holidays from Ed Gannon and SWP !

Now from Something Wicked Productions and Ed Gannon:

Don’t let your show go to waste in long lines, security issues, staffing problems, and unsatisfied guests! This manual is what you need to plan your operations and run a successful attraction! Streamline your haunt and handle the numbers you want! We will explore:

*What you need to know, or look for, to run and operate a smooth attraction.
* How to measure throughput and how to speed it up.
* How to deal effectively with diverse personnel and their personalities.
*What steps you can take to prevent an emergency from crippling your attraction.
* Find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to handle each situation from pre-season planning to post –season wrap up.

This must have manual includes a companion DVD-ROM which contains all the business forms, hiring paperwork, graphic examples, and plans shown in the book.  These are in MS Word, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, MS Excel, PDF, and Windows Metafile formats for the PC.  Also included are over 2000 fonts for the PC (some specifically chosen for legibility while still having some style, and others because they are very hard to find).

The Painless Operations Manual for Haunters
(Shown are just some of the documents included in the Manual and on the companion CD-ROM)

Normally sells for $75.00, Honoring Show Price of Only $40.00!
Plus Shipping charge of $6.00

And yes, it's worth every penny!  You won't believe what a useful resource this is!
What are industry professionals saying about THE Painless Operations Manual for Haunters?: 

“Real advice from a Real haunter!  I wish I had this resource years ago!  Anyone in this industry at any level can eliminate issues before they become problems with this information.  If you own a haunt, run one, or want to, you need this manual.  Read it.  Use it.  It’s enjoyable and easy to relate to without treating you like you’ve never used ‘Great Foam’.”

 John Denley
Boneyard Productions, Salem, MA
Prolific haunted attraction design/construction company leader

 “Hands down, the best manual of it’s kind for the industry!  Hell, it’s the ONLY operations manual for the industry, you gotta’ get this book!”

Rich Hanf
House of the Living Dead, NY, Haunted Trail, KY
In-Your-Face Haunt Legend


“One of the most comprehensive compilations I’ve seen to help people run their attractions.  The examples are useful and some are downright funny.  Many people give you tips, this is the whole enchilada.”

Ricky Dick
Owner/Operator Castle Blood, Beallsville, PA
Industry leader in Haunt Coture,

and Mothra


“Ed has a knack for solving problems that I didn’t even know existed!”

Tim Dunne
Owner/Operator Fright Kingdom, Nashua, NH
Amazing Multi-Venue all indoor Multi-Season attraction!,

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