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Undying Monsters Magazine #4

I hope you enjoyed my article in the latest Undying Monsters magazine.
As promised if you found us, you have read the article and wish to hear some of these rare bits of Haunted Audio.
Scary audio, dramas, sound effects, tales, and music have been favorites of mine since I was a young kid, and i've been collecting them ever since.
Today I have one of the largest collections of this type of audio in the industry. There isn't much that has been done that I don't have. (and if I don't have it yet, you bet i'm looking for it! lol)

Many of the selections listed in this article I have available, with clean sound and restored Cover Art in CD form. If you want to buy these please check out our Products section

Now, in the article: Haunted Audio, Nostalgic Fear for your Ears
we talk about over 40 different records or radio shows (and that of course does not count the hundreds of seperate episodes!)

Obviously I can't include them all here, and long segments would be impracticle, BUT I have compiled an MP3 for you to listen to, an hour of haunted audio samples. Each selection is 30 seconds to a minute long so you can get a good idea of what they are like!
These are the ones I reference and they are in the propper order so you can follow along with the magazine!

Spinning Skull Download here:
Haunted Audio Companion
(Undying Monsters #4)

21.4 Mb

If there is something you heard about sound-wise that you didn't see or hear, let me know. Odds are I have it or can get it for you, and not just an Mp3 or CD, I have many of the original albums if you would like to purchase those too!

It makes me very happy to be able to share these scary stories and sounds with you who appreciate them most.
Have a Wicked Day!

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