“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something Wicked this way comes”
                                                                             -William Shakespeare

Come see us at conventions like Midwest Haunters Convention, Transworld's Halloween Tradeshow, and National Haunter's Convention!
I will have plenty of books and some NEW CD's on hand as well as a few other goodies
including the new horror magazine: Undying Monsters!  I have a great article in one of the latest issues too! And you Have to pick up a Skela-Hula dashboard dancer for your car!!
Come by and see us!!

Have a Wicked Day!


Something Wicked Productions provides a wide variety of services & products customized to your needs:


      We offer a wide range of Computer Services including, 
Consultation, Networking, Upgrading, File Restoration, Building, & Repair


NightWing Graphics for all your digital media needs!

    Graphic design
NightWing Graphics is a complete graphics design arm of Something Wicked Productions with comprehensive solutions to your graphic and mixed media needs.

      Haunted Attraction Services:
Design, complete with CAD layouts: (I.e.Haunted Houses, Hayrides, 3-D Mazes, Museum Attractions, etc.), Safety Consultation, Distressing effects & treatments, Special Effect & Illusion creation and consultation, Custom Prop construction, Scripting, Themeing, Character Development, Unique Costume Creation with deep attention to detail, Special Effects makeup design, Animatronics and pneumatics design      

      Actor / Employee / Management training services, seminars, and consultation  
You Lead people and Manage things.  Enroll your self in our Haunted House College!
THE Painless Operations Manual for Haunters

              THE Painless Operations Manual for Haunters is here!
Don’t let your show go to waste in long lines, security issues, staffing problems, and unsatisfied guests! This manual is what you need to plan your operations and run a successful attraction! Streamline your haunt and handle the numbers you want!



      Audio Services:
Vinyl Album, 8Track, or tape conversion to CD service complete with cover art
Halloween Theme Music & Haunted Attraction Soundtrack discovery service.  We can help you acquire that hard to find music you have been searching for!  (Not to mention we already have an extensive library). 
Carnival after midnight, calliope cacophony CD

             Here is some original music you can buy right from us!  Have you been looking for the perfect accent to your clown room or theme?  



Call or email us with any questions you may have concerning our services

Ed Gannon    (508) 889-7375   Email: edward@somehtingwickedprod.com


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